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 A Party Endeth
 Posted: 05.07.2003

At last minute, we were notified that The Green Room had acquired a license to stay open until 4am. We were suddenly faced with the challenge of extending our set without preparation. We decided to play two 7 song sets with the first beginning at 10:30pm. A night that began with a little uncertainty ended without a hitch. What a great night we had. The shots of JD prior to our second set seemed to really spark us on.

Thanks to everyone who came to the show and thanks to the dancers who braved the dance floor during our set! We had a lot of positive feedback after the set - we would like to hear what you thought of it on this website. Use the Wayside Forums to share your opinion - respond to this forum message about the July 4th 2003 Green Room show. You can also add comments to this article if you don't want to sign up for an account but I encourage everyone to join the Wayside community and make this website a place to visit on a regular basis.

You can find photos from the show in our Photo Gallery. Click on Photos and select the 2003 gallery. Select the "2003-07-04 The Green Room" Photo Album to check out photos from last night. Thanks to Neil Ramsay for taking the pics.

Now we're really looking forward to our next show. Planning is still in the works but we hope to see you there.

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