The WAYSIDE Chronology

Jan 30th '98 - UBC SUB Ballroom with Mr. Flood's Party, speedbump, The Velveteens and Four Bone Chain. It was a Science Week Bzzr Garden and Dance. And dance they did.... The performance was as good as we could imagine and the reception was even better.

Jan 16th '98 - Day 9 at MR&D. Craig Zurba mastered most of the CD when we weren't there. We came and decided on the order of songs, the intros, endings, space inbetween songs, etc...

Jan 13th '98 -  Day 8 at MR&D. Second day of mixing. Mixed Return to Begin, Merger and Undone.

Jan 8th '98 - Day 7 at MR&D. First day of mixing. Mixed Discontent, Love/Hate and Pop Song. Chose to use the second drum track that Craig recorded.


Dec 17th '97 - Day 6 at MR&D. Mark recorded his backup vocal parts. Chris recorded missed vocal and guitar parts. Derek, Craig and Craig Zurba recorded Tambourine and shaker tracks.

Dec 16th '97 - Day 5 at MR&D. Chris finished his guitar leads and finished most of his singing parts.

Dec 12th '97 - Day 4 at MR&D. Chris got started on the Guitar beds.

Dec 11th '97 - Day 3 at MR&D. Craig also recorded Pop Song again. Derek records his Bass tracks and Mark recorded his keyboard parts.

Dec 5th '97 - Day 2 at MR&D. Craig laid down his drum tracks for Return to Begin, Undone and Merger. Mark asked to come up with new part for Merger.

Dec 4th '97 - Day 1 at MR&D. Craig laid down his drum tracks for Pop Song, Discontent and Love/Hate.

Nov '97 - Spent most of this month in the rehearsal studio, getting prepared to record our album.

Oct 29th '97 - After touring many studios, we decided to record at M R & D Studio in Burnaby for our upcoming album due out sometime in January. Recording is planned for December.

Oct 18th '97 - Band photo shoot with Denise taking the pictures. Mark's WAYSIDE initiation party - passes with flying colours.

Oct 8th '97 - Starfish Room with Pretty Human and Forget Your Face - one of the best sounding performances with very positive feedback and a responsive crowd. Mark becomes a member of WAYSIDE.

Sept 27th '97 - The Vanier Freedom Festival at UBC with South of Main, The Malchiks and opening for Rymes With Orange - It was an outdoor event and it was raining but we had a good sound guy and had an inspiring performance especially from Chris.

Sept 25th '97 - Thunderbar (UBC Wintersport's Centre) with Jason Howell - we were the first band to ever play at the Thunderbar - the performance was a little shaky without a sound technician and it was Mark's first appearance with the band - nevertheless there was a large turnout and a decent reception.

Sept 16th '97 - Mark's first rehearsal with the band.

Sept 13th '97 - Robside Attraction in Cloverdale - an outdoor performance with  Big Rig Sweeties - received many compliments from people who had never heard WAYSIDE's music - this was one of the most inspiring performances yet.

Sept 3rd '97 - The Brickyard with The Special Guests and Forget Your Face - excellent performance and sound - there was a really good sound technician who this band worshiped that night - Band tragedy - Derek's bass, amp and some rented cymbals were stolen out of his car.

Sept 2nd '97 - Imagine UBC Festival with speedbump and The Malchiks - reasonable sized crowd for this outdoor venue - the first gig Derek plays with short hair - the band has a good performance and is very well received.

Aug 27th '97 - Mark is asked to try out for WAYSIDE, playing the keyboards - he accepts and begins eagerly learning all the WAYSIDE songs.

Aug 15th '97 - Web Cafe show with Sing Sing Dead Man and Jason Howell - one month after their last Web Cafe gig Wayside is back headlining a Friday night - band puts on solid show but encounters new obstacles associated with headlining a show.

July 16th '97- Web Cafe show with South of Main and Saturnhead (headlining) proves to be best gig to date - larger draw than at Brickyard and show is broadcast live over the Internet - first time band plays a collaboration (written by Chris and Craig) with verse vocals from Craig.

June 3rd ‘97 - the Brickyard with Clockwork & Hydrogen Dog - best gig to date - great reaction from good sized crowd - received compliments from management who promised to have the band back on a busier night.

May 30th ‘97 - record 5 songs live at First Music over the course of 7 hours.

May 12th ‘97 - the Mighty Niagara with Fuel, Elephant Gun, & ? - good reaction from average sized crowd.

Apr 4th ‘97 - Arts Bzzr Garden, Buchanan Lounge, UBC with Forget Your Face - mixed reactions from our most diverse audience (and probably our largest to date).

Mar 22nd ‘97 - the Columbia Hotel with Return to Zero & speedbump - great gig - great reception from good sized "hostile" crowd.

Mar 21st ‘97 - the Highland Pub, SFU with Wayne Templeton - weak turnout - average performance - impressed sound guy enough that he wanted to keep in touch with the band for future considerations.

Mar 8th ‘97 - Showarama - Totem Ballroom, UBC - fairly good reaction from mostly "hostile" crowd - played second set after extended stay in beer garden.

Mar 1st ‘97 - the Vancouver Press Club with the Koz - average show with good turnout.

Jan 18th ‘97 - the Columbia Hotel with Dorothy Missing & speedbump - Chris enjoys performance but Craig and Derek suffering from snowboard trip exhaustion.


Dec 7th ‘96 - WAYSIDE’s first gig (and Craig's debut as drummer) -- the Vancouver Press Club with speedbump - good turnout of friends, a nervous yet tight performance.

early Sept - Craig starts drumming at’s apparent that he’ll rock.

mid Aug ‘96 - frustrated, Craig says he’ll learn changes name to WAYSIDE.

Aug 7th ‘96 - boy wonder says he can’t make more boy wonder....Derek (drummer from 351 Cleveland) steps in for the rehearsal....plays heavier style than MindOpenShallow.

Aug 1st ‘96 - auditioned "boy wonder" on drums....played pretty well....thought we had something.

late July ‘96 - change name to MindOpenShallow July 29 ‘96 - auditioned "alex van halen" on drums.....didn’t work out.

June 26th ‘96 - Pin Collecting Family takes DAT to James Bowers to master on to 3 CDs.

June 14th-17th ‘96 - Pin Collecting Family and Dev re-mix the tracks onto a rented DAT using rented effects processors.

mid June ‘96 - Chris and Devinder re-record some of the vocal tracks.

Apr 24th ‘96 - Pin Collecting Family, Dev, and D.B.( a long time supporter of the band) try to mix tracks on to DAT in the UBC theatre sound room. Sounds like crap. Everybody’s depressed. Derek leaves next day for 6 weeks in Europe.

Apr 11th-13th ‘96 - Pin Collecting Family lays down 5 songs on Devinder’s 8-track in the basement of Dene.

Apr 8th ‘96 - Steve says he can’t do the recording so Derek and Chris use video tapes of Steve to program drum machine "Dr. Rythm"

late Mar ‘96 - decide to record 5 song demo with Devinder Agnish (yet another roommate taking theater sound) at Steve’s place.

Mar 1st ‘96 - play first show at Showarama (Totem Park Ballroom) - show goes relatively well aside from Chris falling down on the second song and breaking his guitar strap.

Jan ‘96 - start rehearsing with Steve on drums for Showarama (a UBC talent show)


Dec 2nd ‘95 - play at Gage coffee house (acoustic set with Steve playing bongos)

Dec '95 - Pin Collecting Family enlist drummer Steve, a former UBC roomate.

Nov ‘95 - band goes to a Watchman show at the Commodore and decides that Derek sucks on guitar so Craig takes over guitar and Derek begins to learn bass.

Oct ‘95 - Chris begins to teach Derek guitar...Pin Collecting Family is born with Craig on bass!

Sept ‘95 - Chris & Derek become roomates in Gage; tells ‘pin’ story. "Good name for a band, eh"

Aug ‘95 - little kid tells Derek in Tourist InfoCentre that he wants some pins because they’re a "pin collecting family"