[Upcoming Shows]

February 3rd, 1997
Our gig on Friday, January 30th was a great success. We had a good time slot and drew a lot of people out to see us. Highlights were seeing lots of people dancing to our music and a drunk guy that high-fived Chris(Lead Singer) after every song. We were pleased with our performance and the enthusiastic reception. Our set lasted 35 - 40 minutes and contained 9 songs: Pop Song, Love/Hate, Return To Begin, Merger, Every Rose (Has Its Thorns) - cover of a Poison song, Why Believe?, I Don't Know, Discontent and Undone.

We played at the UBC SUB Ballroom with these bands:
Four Bone Chain
The Velveteens
Mr. Flood's Party  (Headliners)
We are still planning our CD release party which is coming sometime in late February. Stay tuned for details.

We finished mastering our album and are really excited about how it has turned out.  We recorded, mixed and mastered the album with Craig Zurba at MR&D Studios in Burnaby, BC. We are currently working on the CD cover and inlay and hope to have those ready by Monday February 2nd. After that, we have to send away to have the CD's printed which will take about 2 - 3 weeks.

There will only be 500 copies of this CD made unless it becomes extremely popular....

Plans for the future: We will play at an Arts Bzzr Garden on March 13th, 1998. We will also try to get a gig at Showarama at Totem Park at the beginning of March.

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