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Thu, June 8th 2006, 9:00pm - 11:00pm


CiTR Radio 101.9FM, Thunderbird Radio Hell

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 Vancouver Special - by Janis McKenzie
The Discorder February 1999

...Until Now EP

Imagine early Green Day-ish energy and harmonies, a voice much like Nick Jones' from The Pointed Sticks, and a bunch of photos of the boys in the band playing live, standing and sitting around in various arty and artless poses, snowboarding, surfing, and even wearing hockey gear. Now submit to the relentless hooks of writer/singer/guitarist Chris Deas, especially in the catchy first track, "Discontent." This little six-song EP runs from poppy to pained/earnest to tinged with that Seattle sound, and doesn't wear out it's welcome, either (are you listening, Big Cookie?). A promising effort.

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