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Thu, June 8th 2006, 9:00pm - 11:00pm


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 Wayside's Back!
 Posted: 17.09.2004

Rumours of their demise were greatly exaggerated. Wayside were on life support for a many a month there but they are happy to announce their resurrection. They are back with a brand new single and an upcoming performance. "Star" was recorded over the last year and is finally available in the Music section of this website. To ease back onto the stage, Wayside's first performance will be a scaled-down/acoustic style affair at Mark's Fiasco. The show will feature songs that span Wayside's eight year career and should contain a few surprises. It's also a benefit for Breast Cancer Research, so it's definitely for a good cause. This is just the beginning for the rekindled Wayside. Expect new recordings over the next few months and stay tuned for an announcement of Wayside's first full-on live performance.

Sat, Sept 25th 2004
Mark's Fiasco - 2486 Bayswater @ Broadway
Breast Cancer Fundraiser. Doors at 7pm, we go on at 9pm. Tickets are $10.
Also performing: Melanie Dekkar

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 What's Happening?
 Posted: 06.04.2004

Well... it's April and there isn't very much to report. Craig is still in Africa and will be until at least the end of May or so we believe. He has finished his work placement but he has chosen to stick around for a little while. Hopefully he will come back with some rhythm. :)

Chris has been working on some solo material lately. He has three songs in the works and they're coming together nicely.

Last week, Chris and I got together and went through a couple of our songs trying to figure out what needed work. It looks like we still have a lot of work to do. We took a break for a couple months and we now have our work cut out for us. To speed things along, I have taken the songs and will record my basslines at my leisure. We have 7 potential songs to work on. I'm looking forward to hearing the final product.

- Mark

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 Recording Update - November 2003
 Posted: 11.11.2003

November 11th 2003: Chris recorded a scratch lead guitar track for "I Feel Fine" and mixed a rough demo.

November 8th 2003: Chris and Mark got together to work on vocals for "I Feel Fine".

Mark: It has been awhile since we have tested our vocals so we had to shake a little rust off. Chris recorded the main vocal line. I did my backup vocal part. The whole process took a couple hours. Hopefully we got something that we can work with. We may have to fix up a few minor parts.

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 Recording Update - October 2003
 Posted: 29.10.2003

October 25th 2003: Chris and Trent got together to work on a test keyboard part for "I Feel Fine".

Chris: Basically we worked through some more technical issues today.  We migrated I Feel Fine over to Sonar 3 on my new PC.  We then experimented with some cowbell in the chorus and worked on some organ patches for a keyboard part Trent was experimenting with.  I made a rough mix of the whole thing for the first time.

October 11th 2003: Chris, Trent and I spent time on "I Feel Fine" and "Star".

Mark: It had been awhile since I had picked up the bass but it all came back quickly as I recorded the bass line for "I Feel Fine". We had some issues with recording/clipping. We eventually sorted all that out and the song is now beginning to take shape. I'm looking forward to the finished product. We still have to do vocals and we may add other parts too. Trent and Chris recorded rhythm guitar parts for "Star". We didn't have much time to work on those parts though and we may revisit it the next time we record.

October 4th 2003: Chris and Trent began working on "I Feel Fine".


Chris and I laid down some guitar tracks for "I Feel Fine" using the latest in POD and Edirol technology to create beefy stadium rock guitar sounds. I played through a 90's Marshall Head, with a 96 Marshall 4x12 cabinet that had vintage speakers in order to achieve a truly rocking tone. Chris doubled my tracks with a similar setup, but then switched to an ultra-dirty vintage sound for his other parts. Very sweet, all in all - a bit time consuming, but total fun.


The tones sound great and song is shaping up well. We also worked out a bunch of technical issues that should speed things up in the future. We will hopefully be setting up another session this weekend. I also did a bunch of work learning how to process and mix drums, it made a huge difference and the drums are sounding really fat now.

August 25th 2003: Prior to Craig's departure to Africa, we went into the studio and laid down 7 drum tracks. We have taken those drum tracks and are working on filling in the rest at our at-home studio.

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 Special Offer - $3 Off Cover For First 30 Fans
 Posted: 26.08.2003

Update (August 30th 2003): The Wayside List described below will only be available until 7:30pm tonight. After 7:30pm, you will no longer be able to add your name to the list and get $3 off the cover... Hurry and sign up while you still can. Your Email address is not used in any way other than to prove your identity if necessary.

Original Posting:

Our upcoming gig at the Picadilly Pub on Saturday, August 30th 2003 is a charity event designed to raise money for a program called Engineers Without Borders. Four bands will be offering their services for free and hope to raise as much as they can for the organization.

Cover for the show is $10. We realize that this is a lot of money for some people so in addition to performing for free, Wayside is offering a deal to the first 30 fans who sign up. Those who sign up using the link below will pay $7 at the door instead of $10. The band will cover the $3 per ticket. What nice guys we are. All you have to do is click on the link below and provide your info so that we can put you on a list that we will leave at the door. Simply mention that you're on the Wayside list at the door and they'll be able to look you up and offer you the discount.

Sorry you're too late... The 7:30pm deadline has passed. The List is no longer available. 

There are only 30 spots available so act quickly.

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