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 Upcoming Gigs

Upcoming Gigs:

Thu, June 8th 2006, 9:00pm - 11:00pm


CiTR Radio 101.9FM, Thunderbird Radio Hell

Other Bands:

Performance & interview.
Tune in and check us out.



 Bands We Have Performed With

 Radio Stations
  • 99.3FM - CFOX
    • Local Vancouver Rock Radio Station. Home of Vancouver Seed and bandFEST.
  • 104.9FM - XFM
    • Another Local Vancouver Rock Radio Station. Home of Last Band Standing.
  • 101.9FM - CiTR
    • The University of British Columbia's own Vancouver-based radio station. 
  • 101.1FM - CFMI
    • Classic rock Vancouver radio station.
  • 95.3FM - CKZZ
    • Vancouver Dance and pop music radio station.

 Indie Music Links
  • mp3.com
    • Wayside has its own page here featuring Discontent as our MP3 release.
  • Garageband.com
    • garageband.com is the website for Garageband Records - a new record label that signs bands based on reviews from music lovers like you. So when you review music at garageband.com, you help decide the fate of tens of thousands of new bands.
  • MusicReview.com
    • A band listing website.
  • AfterMidnight.com
    • A band listing website.
  • RAW.com
    • A band listing website.

 Music Industry Organizations
  • Pacific Music Industry Association
    • The co-sponsors of Vancouver Seeds. The Pacific Music Industry Association's fundamental core activities are created to provide information about our industry and professional development for our industry. These activities include the annual Pacific Music Industry Directory for BC's music industry, the Pacific Music News and producing regular seminars, workshops and information sessions throughout the province of British Columbia.
  • F.A.C.T.O.R.
    • A group that provides grants to Canadian musicians.
  • Indie Pool
    • This organization distributes Indie CDs in stores and keep track of them.

 Vancouver Festivals & Competitions
  • NewMusicWest
    • The NewMusicWest showcase festival is solidly focused on the "buzz bands" and the musical talent just about to break. 211 acts in a multitude of musical genres will play in over 30 different festival venues, including key rooms such as the Commodore and Richards, plus non-traditional venues like the Penthouse. This event is held every year and features bands playing all over town over a few days. NewMusicWest also features conferences featuring big name guest speakers.
  • bandFEST
    • bandFEST is a new music competition based in British Columbia. It was created to give independent bands a chance to showcase their talents in an exciting and competitive environment, gain valuable experience in the music industry and for a lucky few. Take the next step! This unique event creates a festival-type atmosphere mixed together with a competition-based event.
  • CFOX's Vancouver Seeds
    • This competition is sponsored by CFOX 99.3 and the Pacific Music Industry Association. It used to involve a battle of the bands called DemoListen Derby and the release of a CD. Now they only release the CD and have 6 winners. 
  • XFM's Last Band Standing
    • This competition is sponsored by XFM 104.9 and is partly decided by web vote and partly decided by a battle of the bands. 
  • LiveWirePalooza
    • 99.3 The Fox's Indie Night in Canada is proud to present Livewrirepalooza 2003, Vancouver's biggest battle of the bands. 128 bands over 14 weeks in 4 different venues with only one band walking away with all the cash and prizes.
  • The Harmony Arts Festival
    • The Harmony Arts festival is based on the North Shore and highlights the talent of North Shore artists, sharing the value of arts appreciation and the creation and building community pride and participation. Experience the arts through exhibitions, demonstrations, studio tours, theatre, concerts, markets and hands-on activities - all for FREE!

 Vancouver Clubs & Live Music Venues

 Online Magazines & Entertainment Guides

 Miscellaneous Links

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Bands We Have Performed With 
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Radio Stations 
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Indie Music Links 
 :: [02.05.2003]
Music Industry Organizations 
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Vancouver Festivals & Competitions 
 :: [02.05.2003]
Vancouver Clubs & Live Music Venues 
 :: [02.05.2003]
Online Magazines & Entertainment Guides 
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Miscellaneous Links 

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