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Upcoming Gigs:

Thu, June 8th 2006, 9:00pm - 11:00pm


CiTR Radio 101.9FM, Thunderbird Radio Hell

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Performance & interview.
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 Change Log - 2003

Date Addition
September 14th 2003
  • Added Studio pictures from August 26th 2003 to the Photo Album.
August 4th 2003
  • Added Studio pictures to the Photo Album.
July 30th 2003
  • Added an article announcing the Marine Club show.
July 20th 2003
  • Added a new Guestbook section. I was previously using LPage (Lycos) but recently they added popup ads which are annoying. I have built the new Guestbook section with all of the fields from the LPage guestbook.
  • I have transferred all old guestbook entries into the new guestbook.
  • Fixed a bug in the Photo Album that didn't highlight the selected Photo Album. Also fixed a column width/alignment issue.
July 14th 2003
  • Added a feature that displays the number of comments in the headlines window if there are any comments associated with that article.
  • Comments are now sorted from newest to oldest comment.
July 10th 2003
  • Fixed Comment/Reaction Submission bug. If you didn't fill out all fields when posting a comment, it would tell you that your form wasn't complete then it would delete what you wrote and you would have had to retype your comment. It now checks before the form is submitted.
July 5th 2003
  • Added photos from the July 4th Green Room gig. Check out the 2003 gallery in the Photo section.
  • Removed right margin channels/windows from the Photos page to make the horizontal pictures visible without scrolling.
  • Added a news article thanking everyone for coming to the show.
  • Fixed the alignment of the Tree View in the Forums section.
  • Changed it so that it displays the Tree View first now instead of the Linear View.
July 4th 2003
  • Updated the Gigs page with information about our July 4th gig at The Green Room.
  • Uploaded the Green Room announcement from The Georgia Straight. This can be accessed from the Gigs section.
  • Uploaded a sound clip featuring "The Only One" on CFOX 99.3FM.
  • Added the above clip to the Downloads section in the Members Only menu.
  • Added a news article announcing what song we had on the radio and I included a link to the sound clip.
July 2nd 2003
  • The Wayside Banner now links back to the Wayside Intro page.
  • All Email notifications now come from webmaster@wayside.ca
  • All Email notifications have been reformatted and reworded.
July 1st 2003
  • Converted all photos for web viewing. The quality of the images was a little too high and was slow to load. This should improve the speed of the photo gallery.
  • Improved presentation of the gallery.
June 28th 2003
  • Redid the Comments page.
    • Comments are now displayed before the article.
    • Date and Author has been reformatted to look similar to the Article date.
    • Added an extra toolbar to add comments only (without print and email options)
  • Added a "Rants" category to the Forums section.
June 25th 2003
  • After you log in, the Welcome message now displays your name and login ID.
June 24th 2003
  • Added Wayside Newsletter to Members Only section.
  • Fixed a minor issue with the Voting Booth.
June 23rd 2003
  • Added headline about Wayside being on CFOX 99.3FM.
June 13th 2003
  • Added images to Bio and reformatted the page.
  • Uploaded Poster and Handbill for the Wayside gig at the Green Room on July 4th 2003.
  • Added a Headline to the News section with more information on the upcoming gig at the Green Room on July 4th 2003.
June 8th 2003
  • Uploaded all old newsletters. To access the Newsletter Archive, you must log in and then you'll see it in the Members Only section.
  • Reformatted the Contact Us page and Gigs page.
  • Restructured the Newsletter page to match the format on the rest of the web site. Added a submission response page.
June 6th 2003
  • Added the band 'The Armchair Cynics' to the Upcoming Gigs section on the front page and News page.
  • Reconstructed the Contact Us page. It now allows you to choose a member of the band to submit feedback to or select the whole band.
June 3rd 2003
  • Added details about our upcoming Green Room gig to the front page and the scrolling text box.
  • Added a News article about the upcoming gig and encouraging people to explore the new features of this web site.
  • Added CD cover images to the News page to fill empty space.
  • Fixed a bug that displayed "Click 'Add Comments'" on a page that didn't have the appropriate link.
May 31st 2003
  • Coded a comments counter for news articles. Now you no longer have to click on Add/View Comments to see if there are any comments associated with the News Article. The counter tells you immediately if there are any comments related to the article.
  • Added a note for articles without comments announcing this and reminding them to click on Add Comments to participate.
May 29th 2003
  • Minor change... Made "New Thread" button visible to users who are not logged in. Users must still log in to create threads or post messages though.
May 28th 2003
  • Corrected a bug whereby the "Recent Forum Posts" window was not really displaying the most recent posts.
  • Fixed a dynamic link problem to these Forum posts.
May 27th 2003
  • Added a new window featuring the three most recent postings from the Wayside forums. This doesn't quite work properly yet. More development is needed.
May 26th 2003
  • Reprogrammed the Forums section so that anonymous users can read messages in the forums but can't post to them or email other members.
May 19th 2003
  • Added a 'Full Name' field to the Registration page, the My Account page and various Admin pages.
  • Added "Thank You" Headline.
May 17th 2003
  • Updated the Upcoming Gigs window.
  • Updated the Wayside.ca Intro page.
  • Added "You" to the Music section.
May 14th 2003
  • Added an announcement from the Georgia Straight about the Green Room gig to the Gigs section.
May 12th 2003
  • For those who had links to our old website (index.html or wayside.html), I have added a redirect at those locations to the new main Wayside page.
  • Added a Members Only section to the website. This section is only accessible if you are logged in.
  • Added our unreleased single "You" to the Members Only Downloads section. Visitors must register/sign up to access this section.
  • Added a Headline announcing this extra perk as a result of signing up.
May 11th 2003
  • Reworked the Archive list.
    • Renamed the Archive box to Headlines.
    • Made all articles available in the Headlines box and unpublished articles displayed in the Headlines box too.
    • Added a link to Old Headlines (News Archive) to the bottom of the Headlines box.
  • Moved and reformatted the Posted Date to the top of the article under the Title bar. Removed Article time and author.
  • Removed article time from Archive side menu.
May 10th 2003
  • Added a Wayside Favicon. When you bookmark the Wayside website, a specialized icon should appear next to the Wayside bookmark and next to the Address bar when you visit the site. Unfortunately, this only appears to work occassionally.
May 9th 2003
  • Fixed all of the broken links caused by the chance in URL.
  • Added content to the Register page.
  • Fixed alignment problem in the Photo Gallery.
  • Added dates to Archived News Articles on the sidebar.
May 8th 2003
  • Installed a new server to house the new Wayside website.
  • Migrated the development instance of this website to prod.
  • Updated the DNS to point www.wayside.ca to the new website.
May 7th 2003
  • Uploaded new poster and handbill for our Green Room gig.
  • Added News article about the Green Room gig.
May 6th 2003
  • Integrated a new fully featured Photo Album into the website.
May 5th 2003
  • Added a link to Spark That Screams' web site and updated the Gig list with our upcoming gig.
  • Created and added graphical headings for each section.
  • Built the music section:
    • Uploaded all mp3s, created articles for Lyrics and reviews.
    • Reformatted the look of the Music section.
  • Added to the Newsletter page - more work needed here.
  • The Guestbook links to the HTML Gear guestbook in a frame within the website.
May 4th 2003
  • Fixed Last Post bug:
    • On the Wayside Discussions page, the Last Post section was displaying the latest original poster of a thread and not the last poster of a thread. I corrected this.
    • On the Threads list page, the Last Post section was displaying the correct poster but when you clicked on it, it wanted to send a message to the Thread originator instead of the last poster. This was fixed.
  • Enhanced the Online members window.
    • When you clicked on a member in the Online members window, it would take you to the Send a Message page even if you clicked on you yourself. I modified it so that it sends you to your Profile if you click on yourself and to the Send a Message page if you click on someone else.
    • Previously it did not display the Administrator if I was logged in. I have changed it so that the administrator is displayed in the Online members window.
  • Fixed up some wording on the web page and in automated emails.
  • Enhanced Registration page
    • Re-added the option to subscribe to the Wayside Newsletter.
    • Added Privacy information and qualifiers.
May 3rd 2003
  • Created articles for all gig posters, announcements and tickets.
  • Fixed all links on the Gigs page.
  • Corrected a bug in the Forums. Links to some usernames were not working properly.
May 2nd 2003
  • Added an extensive list of links to the Links section.
  • Added link to Merchandise page on CafeShops.
  • Fixed up Contact Us page.
May 1st 2003
  • Created image for welcome page.
  • Updated content on welcome page.
  • Added What's New? section.
  • Added more details about upcoming gig.

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