Chris Deas - guitar, vocals  [click for picture]

Derek Hemmes - bass  [click for picture]

Craig Whitehead - drums, vocals  [click for picture]

WAYSIDE formed in the fall of 1995 when childhood friends Chris Deas and Craig Whitehead, who played in numerous high school bands in their hometown of Nanaimo, met Derek Hemmes at a UBC dorm. Chris had some old songs kicking around and soon the trio began to play at small residence functions. This culminated on March 22, 1996 when they played their first "plugged in" set before an audience of 300 students at the Totem Park Ballroom.

Encouraged by the success of the show, the band recorded a five song demo in their dorm basement with help from a friend who owned a drum machine and an 8-track. WAYSIDE then rehearsed, prepared new songs, and began playing UBC beer gardens and small Vancouver bars such as the Vancouver Press Club. By May '97, the band became eager to give club owners a more realistic impression of their live sound so they recorded five songs live during a rehearsal. Having gained some valuable live experience and demonstrating that they had developed a local fan base, the band was given the opportunity to play some larger clubs, including a full house, internet broadcast performance at the Web Cafe on July 13. WAYSIDE was also recently chosen to play a show for an expected audience of 4000 UBC students at the Imagine UBC BBQ which will be held on September 2.

WAYSIDE's sound has developed from the diverse musical interests of the three band members combining the influences of Jane's Addiction, Poison, and the Beatles to produce a sound reminiscent of Better Than Ezra, Age of Electric and Bush. Combining an 80's pop sensibility with a 90's attitude, WAYSIDE's songs blend melody with a dynamic energy. The band consistently draws a crowd from their UBC roots due to their continually evolving sound and exciting stage presence. Wayside's goals for 1997 are to further establish their UBC fan base, become more involved in the Vancouver live music scene, and record a studio album in the fall.

Live Photos:  [Click on photo for full size]

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