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 Apr 15th 2003 Help Make Us The Last Band Standing
 Mar 24th 2003 Join The Wayside Forums
 Mar 5th 2003 Wayside Announces Special Charity Acoustic Show
 Feb 17th 2003 Wayside Party Was A Great Success!!!
 Feb 12th 2003 Wayside Party Only 3 Days Away!!
 Jan 29th 2003 Wayside CD Release Party Less Than 3 Weeks Away
 Jan 10th 2003 February 15 it all begins…
 Nov 12th 2002 Recording is Complete... and Wayside Wants to Celebrate
 Oct 27th 2002 Recording - Day 1 Complete
 Oct 21st 2002 Wayside In The Recording Studio
 Sep 25th 2002 Upcoming Shows - The Marine Club and the Regal Beagle
 Aug 14th 2002 Wayside Unplugged - bandFEST Fan Appreciation Night
 Aug 3rd 2002 Wayside Announces Fan Appreciation Night!
 July 31st 2002 BC Championship Finals - Wayside To Open Show
 July 24th 2002 Make Yourself Heard!!!
 July 18th 2002 Wayside Advances to the bandFEST Provincial Championships
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Help Make Us The Last Band Standing
April 15th 2003
Wayside needs your help!!! Don't worry, we don't need you to head out to any scuzzy bar downtown to see us play. This time you can help us out from comfort of your own computer. We have entered a contest called "Last Band Standing" sponsored by XFM radio here in Vancouver.

Basically, we have an MP3 online that is in competition with MP3s from other local bands for song of the week. If we are voted first or second for the week we get to the next stage which is a live performance at the UBC Pit Pub. What we really need people to do is head to this link:


select our song (Wayside - Weak) and submit your vote. If you pass this along to your friends and family members then we should be able to generate a massive amount of votes. This is a great opportunity for the band and we would really appreciate it if you can help us out.


Join The Wayside Forums
March 24th 2003
We have just introduced something new to the Wayside website - Forums. This is your chance to take part in discussions and communicate with the members of Wayside and other fans. It's simple to use and easy to sign up.

Click on the Forums link on the menu bar and click on Register to create a new account. Once you have signed up, you'll have access to read and post messages in one of the many Wayside forums. If you have any feedback, suggestions, comments and so on, we would like to hear from you. We hope that the forums will eventually replace our guestbook. It's up to you to make it into something worthwhile.


Wayside Announces Special Charity Acoustic Show
March 5th 2003
Wayside his happy to announce their involvement with the Engineers Without Borders program at a special fundraiser show on Tues March 11. This program "is a growing registered charity dedicated to international development." More information can be found here: http://www.ewb-isf.org/

The benefit show will be held at Mesa Luna (1926 W. Broadway, Vancouver, BC) with Wayside taking the stage at 9:00pm. Wayside will be performing a special "acoustic/scaled down" show due to prior touring commitments of drummer Craig Whitehead. The Psychedelic Apes and A Virgin in Hollywood will also be appearing. Mesa Luna is supposed to be a pretty cool venue, so hopefully we will see some familiar faces out there.

On a completely unrelated note, Wayside's latest single release Weak has been racing up the charts on this popular website Garageband.com This site is devoted to independent music and allows visitors to review songs from around the world. Weak is currently in 41 in the pop/rock charts (out of just over 4600) after only one week. Check out the website at www.garageband.com


Wayside Party Was A Great Success!!!
February 17th 2003
All that's left are the hangovers, hearing loss, and hazy memories of Whitesnake and Michael Jackson. The Wayside CD release party was a great success thanks to many of you. The band would like to thank everyone who came out, and especially the people who helped us out at the event. We would love to hear what you guys thought of the show, the CD, or both. You can either drop us an email at:
wayside-list@interchange.ubc.ca or sign the guestbook. There are also pictures from the show here, if anyone needs a refresher.

Stay tuned for more Wayside shows in the future.


Wayside Party Only 3 Days Away!!
February 12th 2003

With the promotional effort reaching epic proportions, it’s doubtful that you haven’t heard about the Wayside bash going on this Saturday.  Hosted at the Anza Club (#3 - 8th Ave West, Vancouver), the night will feature two sets (rock/pop and drunk acoustic) by Wayside and an opening set from fellow Vancouver rockers Speedbump.  Wayside will also be giving away copies of its new EP free to the first 100 people who show up.  Doors open at 8:00pm and the cover charge will be $8.

Tell your friends, family, and co-workers, it should be a good rock’n’roll evening of decadence.


Wayside CD Release Party Less Than 3 Weeks Away
January 29th 2003
As the big night draws closer, Wayside has finalized more details for the show.  The promotional effort is in full force, so thank you to everyone who has helped spread the word.

Speedbump has been officially added to the bill and will open the party on Saturday February 15th. Doors will open at 8:00pm with Speedbump taking the stage at 9:00pm and Wayside to follow at 10:00pm.

Everyone is encouraged to arrive early to ensure that you get a free copy of the new Wayside EP. Cover will be $8 which will get you the aforementioned CD if you are one of the first 100 people to arrive and it will also qualify you for door prizes as well. Check out our new single below:

The Only One [mp3 format, 5.5MB]

If you like what you hear, we would like to hear about it. Check out our review database in the Music section. You can review each song and give us your feedback.


February 15 it all begins...
January 10th 2003

Wayside is finally ready to unleash a new pack of songs on the unsuspecting public and we want to celebrate this with you.  Actually we want to celebrate it with anyone and everyone willing to listen. 

Saturday February 15th is the big day and we want to do this thing in style.  Wayside has rented out the space, pressed up the CDs, learned the tunes, and set the stage for a one night drunken blowout.  Bring yourselves, bring your friends, bring your co-workers, bring anyone into a big night of drinks, tunes, prizes, and the usual Wayside debauchery.   And the best part? The first 100 people that attend will receive a free CD with their cover charge. 

To get you warmed up for the event, we have released our the lead-off single “The Only One” on this web site. Click on the link below to listen to our latest single.

The Only One [mp3 format, 5.5MB]

We have also just released a new review database. Listen to our songs in the Music section and give us your feedback.


Recording is Complete… and Wayside Wants to Celebrate
November 12th 2002

After four grueling sessions and a completely blown budget, Wayside has finally completed the follow-up to their debut EP "...until now".  Once again employing the studio wizardry of Craig Zurba, Wayside has recorded 4 new songs including: Weak, I Belong, You, and The Only One.  These songs will not be available on a commercially released CD, but will be available to the Wayside faithful at special Christmas/CD release party.  

Planned for late November/early December, people can expect live performances by Wayside and special guests, a free CD included in the cover charge, and general holiday debauchery.

Stay tuned for details.


Recording - Day 1 Complete
October 27th 2002
We went into the recording studio yesterday (October 26th 2002.) We decided to go back to Craig Zurba, who recorded, mixed and mastered our debut CD. 

We began recording at some point after 11am... and got out of the studio at 11pm. In that time, we managed to get drum tracks for all 4 songs (Weak, The Only One, I Belong and Get Back To You) down along with bass tracks and rhythm guitar tracks. So far, it sounds great. We're looking forward to the end result.

Today we go back into the studio to work on the lead guitar parts, the lead and backup vocal parts as well as shakers and other additions.


Wayside In The Recording Studio
October 21st 2002

Wayside will be re-entering the studio after 4 years. We are booked to begin recording on Saturday October 26th 2002. We have spent the last few weeks preparing for our recording sessions and fine tuning the songs that we have chosen to record. At this point, we will be focusing on recording 4 songs: The Only One, Weak, I Belong and (Get Back To) You. We may record more songs in the near future.

We also won some recording time which we will take advantage of at some point before the end of this year. 

Thanks for everyone's support! We should be playing a couple more gigs before the end of this year. We hope to see you out there!


Upcoming Shows - The Marine Club and the Regal Beagle
September 25th 2002

Wayside will close out the month of September with two very different gigs. These will probably be the last two gigs before we lock ourselves in a recording studio for awhile. We might come out for some air now and then but we'll be focusing on getting some of our new material recorded. This has been long overdue. A poorly recorded version of "The Only One" from one of our rehearsals is now available in the Music section.

Wayside @ The Marine Club
Thursday, September 26th 2002, sometime after 10pm
Address: 573 Homer Street [map]
[Closest major intersection: Homer & Dunsmuir]

We will be playing with two other bands. Set time hasn't been decided yet and probably won't be until that evening. We're hoping to get the 1st or 2nd slot. We'll be on sometime after 10pm. Come, drink, be merry!

Wayside Unplugged @ The Regal Beagle
Saturday, September 28th 2002
2281 West Broadway [map]
[Closest major intersection: Broadway & Arbutus]

Mark will be out of town for this gig and so Craig will take over on bass for this acoustic set.


Wayside Unplugged - bandFEST Fan Appreciation Night
August 14th 2002

Wayside Unplugged @ Mark's Fiasco
Saturday, August 17th 2002, sometime after 9pm

Address: 2486 Bayswater [Map]
[Closest major intersection: Broadway & MacDonald]
Phone Number: 604-734-1325

bandFEST concluded at Maverick's on the Waterfront on August 4th and featured 6 bands competing for one prize. Wayside made it through four rounds of the competition, ending up in the BC Championship Finals. Despite not coming out on top, we still walked away with some recording time from the Lower Mainland Finals and plan to record some of our new material sometime later this year.

We wanted to thank our fans for all of the support you have given us in this competition. Many of you endured long sleepless weekday nights for us and still cheered your hearts out. We want to thank you as you all played a part in getting us as far as we got.

At the BC Championship Finals, we gave away VIP passes to our Wayside Fan Appreciation Night. At the time, it was still in the planning stages and there were no details available but we managed to pull something together within the month. We wanted to try something a little different... An intimate-and-interactive style event where we'll be playing a number of old and new favourites rearranged to suit a quieter environment.

Our Wayside Unplugged show has been fully promoted on the FOX (listen for it...) and will happen this Saturday August 17th 2002 at Mark's Fiasco. All VIP passes will be honoured at the door for free entrance. Otherwise, cover will be $5.

Wayside will be on sometime after 9.

The first 50 people through the doors at Mark's Fiasco will get a free beer and Mark's will be featuring 1/2 price pizza's before 8pm and $5.50 doubles throughout the evening.

Drop by and enjoy the music, drinks and food..

Join our mailing list at the top of this page to get information on gig announcements and Wayside news.


Wayside Announces Fan Appreciation Night!
August 3rd 2002

We have always known that the Wayside Army was a force dedicated to Wayside's special brand of rock and roll, but never before has the army been so loyal and so faithful. bandFEST truly brought out both the best in the band and in our fans, and we want to recognize the effort that everyone put in to the contest.

So, we're pleased to announce that we're currently finalizing plans for a Wayside "Fan Appreciation Night" to be held in late August. We hope everyone can make it out to enjoy some drinks and a special acoustic set performed by the band and friends.

To sweeten the pot, we will be distributing invitations to the "Fan Appreciation Night" during the bandFEST provincial finals this Sunday night at Maverick's on the Waterfront. Swing by, take in the show, and grab an invitation while you're there in order to enjoy VIP access to the fan appreciation night. More details to come.

We hope to see you all on Sunday, and at the appreciation night!

Join our mailing list at the top of this page to get information on gig announcements and Wayside news. You can also find out more about bandFEST at their website here: www.bandfest.ca  


BC Championship Finals - Wayside To Open Show
July 31st 2002
Wayside @ Mavericks on the Waterfront on Sunday, August 4th 2002, 7:00pm
BandFEST2002 BC Provincial Finals

Address: 770 Pacific Blvd, Vancouver (Plaza of Nations) [Map]
Phone Number:

The end is near. We have made it through 4 events competing against some of the best bands that Vancouver and the Lower Mainland have to offer. Six bands will be competing for thousands of dollars in prizes in the BC Provincial bandFEST Finals being held this Sunday, featuring the winning bands from the Victoria, Vancouver and the Lower Mainland bandFEST competitions.

We have been selected to open up the show at Maverick's On The Waterfront (Plaza of Nations) at 7pm. Once we're done, the drinking can officially begin. 

We need your help! Bring your voice and come and cheer us on. Jump! Cheer! Dance! Drink!

Tickets range from $6 - $12. If you are a Club Vibes member, then you will have access to a VIP pass that you can print out and bring to the door. This should get you in for $6. I'm not sure if you'll need to know what your Club Vibes username is so make sure that you get an account and remember it. If you haven't already, sign up for your Club Vibes account and print out the pass available here. Note that you will have to log in to Club Vibes before the VIP pass will become available. While you're at it, please take time to vote for our band in the Club Vibes online voting booth. See instructions below to vote for our band.

The Wayside Handbill

If you do intend to make it out that night, please print out the handbill below and bring it with you to show to whoever is at the door. Please mention that you're there to see Wayside. If you have a Wayside T-Shirt, please wear it and show the judges that you're there to see us!

Click here for a printable version of the handbill

Join our mailing list at the top of this page to get information on gig announcements and Wayside news. You can also find out more about bandFEST at their website here: www.bandfest.ca  


Make Yourself Heard!!!
July 24th 2002

The bandFEST organizers are holding a vote on the Club Vibes web site: Who is your favourite bandFEST finalist?

The vote itself will not affect the final results in the BC Championships on August 4th but having participation on the site will make our band look good. We need your help to gather as many votes as possible.

All you have to do is sign up for a FREE Club Vibes account. Use an email address that you only use for spam if necessary... Note that you will need access to that email account to gain entry to the Club Vibes website.

  1. Sign up for a free account at: www.clubvibes.com
    • After you sign up, you'll be asked to check your mail which will provide you with a link to register properly. It's very easy... Click on the link and enter your password.
  2. Log in with your username and password if necessary.
  3. Go to the voting booth: http://www.clubvibes.com/voting/vote.asp?id=1078
    • Note: This is only accessible if you log in properly.
  4. Click on 'Wayside' to increase the counter for Wayside.

That's it... Not so hard...

Also, if you're a VIP member and are planning on attending the bandFEST BC Championship Finals at Mavericks on August 4th, you can get a discount if you are a Club Vibes member...

VIP Pass: bandFEST tickets are half price with this coupon at the door.
This is only accessible after you log in to Club Vibes:

Thanks to everyone who helps out...

You can find out more about bandFEST at their website here: www.bandfest.ca 


Wayside Advances To The bandFEST Provincial Championships
July 18th 2002
Wayside has managed to secure a spot in the bandFEST2002 Provincial Championship at Mavericks on the Waterfront. The Provincial Championship features the top two bands from the bandFEST Lower Mainland final, the top two bands from the bandFEST Vancouver final and the top band from the bandFEST Victoria final. The winner from last year's competition will also be making a guest appearance. The event will be held on Sunday August 4th with the festivities beginning at 4pm. More details to come.

The bandFEST Lower Mainland Final was quite an experience. The scores were very close with Bushleague coming in first with 89%, Wayside following closely with 88% and Los Furios coming in third with 87%. We received a weekend's worth of recording time at a professional studio for coming in second along with a spot in the Provincial Championship event at Mavericks and a chance to win more recording time among other things.

Due to unforeseen delays, we didn't take to the stage until just after 1:30am. Quite late for a weekday night and yet our fans (The "Wayside Army") stuck with us and cheered their hearts out. A big thank you goes out to everyone who came and supported us to the end. We hope to see you at Maverick's with a more reasonable timeslot. :)

There are more pictures available from the bandFEST Lower Mainland show in the Photos section. Check them out!

Join our mailing list at the top of this page to get information on gig announcements and Wayside news. You can also find out more about bandFEST at their website here: www.bandfest.ca 

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